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Re-Up Seed by Archie L. McInnis, II


God Does Not Want You To Be Broke…

Archie McInnis knew there had to be more to life than working dead-end jobs, paying bills and suffering financially. When he discovered that God wanted him to be a prosperous man, he set his heart and mind to learn everything he could. And it worked. He grasped a key component of financial success that many Christians and people of all walks of life are unaware of; the power of the Re-Up Seed.

If you’ve been struggling to figure out how God’s Kingdom operates in regard to your finances – look no further. This book reveals the power of the seed and how you can use it to:

  • Increase your finances
  • Sow, spend and save money
  • Obtain wealth for Kingdom purposes
  • Get out of debt and live abundantly
  • Turn little into much

RE-UP SEED grants you access to the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of how God’s Kingdom operates and how God desires for you to live abundantly. There is no doubt, Archie McInnis will ignite a fire within you to overhaul your finances through Kingdom principles. Get ready to turn little into much.

“My finances will never be the same again! Re-Up Seed is, without a doubt, the most transparent approach to understanding finances and Kingdom principles. Archie McInnis, Jr. has penned a powerful and life-changing book – a must read for all!” – Wanza Leftwich, The Gospel Writer, Author of Faith & Fertility

“The Bishop has used a reader-friendly approach to ignite an inextinguishable flame beneath the desire to follow Godly principles! Today, I’m planning my pay-day by taking heed to the word of God!” ~ Cynthia McInnis, Author, Expositor, Educator

“The revelatory knowledge shared by Archie L. McInnis, Jr. in sowing more than you spend is undeniably whispered from the mouth of God. Insight on the threefold chord to financial blessings will catapult readers to a new dimension of financial status. McInnis remarkably shares his concepts on how to stay blessed, meeting the needs of others, and meeting the needs of the Kingdom. This book is highly recommended for those seeking all of God’s principles including the laws of Prosperity.” -Kimberly Wallace Author, Educator, Expositor

Re-Up Seed: Turning Little Into Much by Archie L. McInnis, Jr.



Bishop Archie L. McInnis, Jr. is the Senior Pastor of Full Effect Gospel Ministries, Inc. in Brooklyn, New York and Allentown Pennsylvania. He is a Bible expositor and keen administrator; both are exemplified in his undaunted success in ministry and business. He has formulated and efficaciously maintained fellowships, conglomerations and partnerships with persons and entities of similar reputation, which, he proudly attests, contribute much to his life’s achievements. He is one of the founding members of the New Life Covenant Fellowship, headquarters, Brooklyn, New York, Bishop Eric R. Figueroa, Sr., Presiding Prelate.

McInnis is civic-minded and takes a vested interest in the well-being of his fellow man. He is the CEO of several community-based programs including such entities as Route 66 Road to Success, Transitional houses for formerly incarcerated Men and Women, food and clothing programs, and other outreach platforms.

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