Experience the Effect!

balm2 ladydocta close upIt is my pleasure and joy to greet you in the mighty name of Jesus.  My wife Cynthia and I thank you for taking the time to visit us online.

Do you know that God has a good plan for your life? We are here to help you live an awesome life through Jesus Christ. It is our desire to see you prosper and walk in the will of the Lord. Feel free to connect with us here. Enjoy a video, check out our events, sign up for our church announcements and keep in touch with us. We are here for you.

We would love to see you in person. The worship experience at Full Effect promises to set an atmosphere for the power of God to meet your every need. It is the move of God through the Holy Spirit that will bring healing to your life and diminish the issues that you face daily.  John 16:13 says “when the spirit of truth is come he will guide you into all truth”, and Jesus said “know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).

So, feel free to join us in person or watch us live online. We know that you will be blessed by our worship experience. Experience a move of God that will change your life for the better and become “fully effected”.

Effecting Change Through Faith,

Bishop Archie L McInnis, II